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Neighbourhood Area Consultation

Knutsford Town Council has submitted the application for designation of the Neighbourhood Area. The applied area is the Parish Boundary

The area applied for is the existing administrative and political boundary of Knutsford Town, familiar to residents, neighbours and the Local Planning Authority, Cheshire East Council. The proposed area is appropriate in spatial terms – the area does subdivide one proposed development site at Northwest Knutsford at Northwich road to the west of the town. The site is identified in the emerging Cheshire East Local Plan Strategy and anticipated to be delivered toward the middle and end of the plan period. This site falls within both Knutsford Parish and Tabley Superior Parish. Given the location of the site across two parishes, Knutsford Town Council will seek the views of Tabley Superior Parish Council on future neighbourhood planning issues and in particular issues that may affect the delivery of this site.

Beyond this issue, the proposed neighbourhood area does not overlap an existing neighbourhood area or include land within another parish.
The Town Council has held a public meeting which gave support to a Neighbourhood Plan and a subsequent meeting with representatives of community organisations where it was agreed that the best boundary for a neighbourhood plan was the Parish Boundary.

The area includes land already considered under a number of previous initiatives including the Knutsford Town Plan, Knutsford Town Strategy and the Cheshire East Local Plan. Consequently there is a library of research and evidence available which is appropriate for the production of a neighbourhood plan within this proposed neighbourhood area.

Application Documents


Cheshire East Council is holding a six week consultation to seek representations on the proposed Neighbourhood Area for Knutsford parish. The consultation will run from 16th December 2014 until 30th January 2015.

Comments can be submitted to, or in writing to: Spatial Planning, Westfields, Middlewich Road, Sandbach, CW11 1HZ.

Please be aware that all comments received will be made publicly available.


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